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Buy direct from us! Garden Green Products from Maine, a family business. Garden with our raised garden beds...and enjoy the easier way to grow!

 Harvest Grow Box

(formally known as the Boomer Bed)

Raised Garden Beds All Assembled!

Ready for your rooftop, patio or backyard gardening.Our raised beds are accessible from beginners to baby boomers, square foot gardeners to city dwellers. Perfect for organic gardening using raised beds. 



The Most Innovative Raised Garden Bed! 
The Harvest Grow Box

Raised Gardening is the easiest way to start gardening. Perfect solution for organic gardening using raised planter beds, square foot gardening, herb growing, patio & rooftop gardening and small city lots. Raised garden beds allows you to start with the perfect soil for growing organic vegetables and flowers. Raised beds are less work with better results.

At Garden Green Products we have made raised garden beds easier than ever. Our innovative Harvest Grow Box raised garden bed is completely assembled and ready to grow your choice of organic vegetables or flowers. Raised beds are the simplest way to square foot garden. Our Harvest Box takes it one step further with the beds being designed for easy access and deep enough to grow any vegetable or flower.

The materials used on our Harvest Grow Box are long lasting, will not decay unlike other wood products and are lightweight for movability(less than 7 lbs.unfilled). Size: 2'x2'x12"d: Includes breathable liner  with easy on/off velcro attachments and weed block mat for bottom.

We have designed this raised garden bed to be accessible and portable for the smallest to the largest of gardens. Outline your garden raised beds by connecting the Harvest Grow Box  in a pattern of choice. Great gardening for the backdoor patio or to be raised up on a table to form a raised planter for the ease of accessibility. Less bending...easier to grow!

On the balcony of New York City!

  • All Assembled Raised Garden Bed
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Foldable
  • Stores to 1" Flat
  • UV & Rot Resistant
  • 12" Deep Beds
  • Enhances Poor Soil Conditions
  • Reusable Season after Season

Benefits for Your Raised Garden Bed:

  • Square Foot Gardening
  • Organic Gardening
  • Herbs, Flowers & Vegetables
  • Small City Lots
  • Patio Planter
  • Raised Planter Beds
  • Rooftop Gardening
  • Childrens Gardens
  • Retirement Communities
  • Apartment/Condo Resident
  • RV Seasonal/Camping
  • and much more...





Pole Beans with Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins

18ft. of Boomer Beds filled with flowers!

The rewards of our Tomatoes

Customer comment:

"Thank you so much! I truly love your product. I have always lived in military housing and this has really revolutionized my life. I wish your company the best. Thank you!" Lindsay Sledge, Hampton, VA

Comment from a satisfied customer:

"Our Harvest Grow Boxes makes gardening in our small yard so easy. The Harvest Box has given us great yields of produce, and best of all, we enjoy tending them as there is very little weeding. They make gardening fun and we enthusiastically recommend them." Nancy & Scott Sheriff, Yarmouth, ME


"Grow Up! Not Old" using the Harvest Grow Box

If you love gardening like we do, then don't miss your chance to garden with the new Harvest Grow Box raised garden bed system. No tools required! Square foot gardening and growing organically in raised planter beds is the easier way to grow! Just imagine not having to rototill again or trying to put together a kit that takes hours to assemble...just add your blend of soil and compost mix to our Harvest Grow Box raised garden bed and the end results will be successful gardening with low maintenance! You'll spend more time enjoying your organic garden then working and weeding your garden bed. At Garden Green Products from Maine, we strive to make your gardening needs easier!

Click here for more videos on the easy way to grow!

Tabletop Gardening?

Our raised beds are excellent for tabletop gardening as raised planter beds. Why not bring the gardening pleasure to your height? The Harvest Box can easily be placed on a tabletop to form raised planter beds that are secure and can hold the weight of the soil. For a quick table height you can use cement blocks or a pair of saw horses with a wooden table top made from plywood or other materials. Square foot gardening on the patio using our raised garden beds enables organic gardening by the back door. These ideas are very handy and assessible for not bending over to tend and harvest the beds as raised planter beds.

Cool night-covered the Harvest Box with our hoops
You could also cover with predator netting

Enter your Picture! Enter your picture using the Harvest Grow Box planted and it could be chosen to be displayed on our Home Page. Just send your digital (.jpg) picture to our email address at and see if you are selected. Happy Planting!



Here is a single Harvest Grow Box raised garden bed showing our bottomless green liner. Its breathability prevents mildrew growth and heat buildup. Ready to be planted. No assembly required just insert liner, weed block mat for bottom, add soil and enjoy planting your herbs, flowers & vegetables!


 Eat Fresh-Grow your Own!

Backyard Gardening on a small scale!


"No more bending or kneeling to garden! This system is so lightweight, no wood involved or tools needed, and I don't have to ask my husband for any help! can't get any easier than that!"

Comment from a satisfied client:

“The Harvest Grow Box allows our residents to extend their love of gardening at Foreside Harbor by its’ simplicity, quality, versatility and convenience while removing barriers from their changes in physical limitations.” Thank you-Joel Rogers, Administrator, Falmouth by the Sea/Foreside Harbor, Falmouth, ME